Havens Estates offer an exclusive property selling service to both individual and investment landlords


When selling a property you will benefit from an agency that knows the local market and can ensure your property is noticed. From the first point of contact you will receive a comprehensive professional level of service which we believe is difficult to match. As an experienced estate agency we can be relied upon to ensure that you will receive friendly, accurate and honest advice and information on the expected market price, demand and property presentation.

In an ever changing market we continue to adapt our approach to strengthen our competitiveness and to offer new services. We are pleased to have available what has been recognized as one of the Country’s most advanced Estate Agency software systems. The software we use is instrumental in allowing us to be at the leading edge of our business and to strengthen our competitiveness and reputation. This, together with our professionalism, we believe will attract the best properties and purchasers and extends our status as “first choice” for homeowners.


The Valuation

The most important part of any sale is the valuation; we will provide you with an accurate valuation of your property and advice on an appropriate asking price. Our valuations are free and with no obligation.

The same valuer will also create the schedules, measure your property and take photographs, in readiness for marketing.


We shall agree an appropriate marketing strategy with you, offering a range of options tailored to achieve your sale objectives. As a minimum our marketing of your property will include the siting of a 'For Sale' board, the preparation of colour sales brochures and the display of your property on the internet.

Once your property is on the market, we’ll continue to assess the sale of your property in a proactive manner, contacting you on a regular basis with all developments, such as feedback from prospective purchasers.


We can arrange accompanied viewings of your property. The viewing process is important as it allows us to gather information from prospective purchasers soon after completion of the viewing. We can also inform you with ways to improve the sale of your property to achieve the best price.


Any offer received will be put forward to you verbally at the first available opportunity, and in writing. You will need to make a response to any offer. If the initial offer is rejected and the purchaser decides to increase, the process is simply repeated. It is at this stage that we will try to make you aware of any chain implications and the likely timescale of any agreed transaction. Due to the nature of the buying process, any information provided by us concerning the transaction chain is not guaranteed and can change at any time.

Agreeing the Sale

If an offer is acceptable to you, Havens Estates will need to check your purchasers' status. In order for us to do this, we will require, if applicable, the contact details of their mortgage lender or financial adviser, and any estate agent dealing with their current property sale. You will need to be prepared to instruct a solicitor/conveyancer to act for you in the sale. It is only when this information has been provided and we have contacted the necessary parties for verification of your purchasers' situation that we will consider whether it would be pertinent to stop showing your property to other prospective purchasers.


Both buyer and seller will require a solicitor/conveyancer that can act for themselves and their lender, but both parties cannot use the same person. The choice of who will act for you is entirely at your discretion. It is important, however, that you instruct a solicitor/conveyancer who will deal with the purchase of your property promptly. It is essential the solicitor is experienced in handling residential property sales, can be readily contacted and can deal with your case speedily.


If your purchasers are using a mortgage provider for any part of the purchase, they will need to submit a full mortgage application to begin the process. Before their lender can guarantee to provide the funding required, they will insist on inspecting your property. Usually the lender will offer them two types of inspection: A basic Valuation will check only briefly the condition of the property and may comment only on its value. Alternatively, a Homebuyers Report will provide much more detail on the overall condition of the property, and may make recommendations to check certain areas more thoroughly.

Once your purchasers' mortgage provider is completely satisfied with the value and condition of the property and their own personal situation, they will produce a Mortgage Offer. This document guarantees the finance and must be in place before their solicitor can exchange the contract of sale.

The Chain

This term is used to refer to the people and property moving as part of one extended transaction. For example, a first time buyer agreeing the purchase of a flat may find that their seller is purchasing a small house, the sellers of which are moving up to a larger house whose owners may be downsizing, and so on. The individual people and properties on the chain are all dependent upon each other. If one section breaks, the whole chain collapses.

Chains take time to develop but cannot progress until they are complete, with a beginning and end. Whilst the individual elements of the chain may mature at different times, exchanging contracts and completion have to occur simultaneously. It can sometimes be challenging to get agreement for a common completion date from all parties involved and compromise is often required.

During the transaction your solicitor will reply to any additional enquiries that are raised by the purchasers' solicitor. Once the contract has been approved by the purchasers' side, you will meet with your solicitor to sign the contract and discuss completion (the day you actually move). Contracts can then be exchanged and the completion date can be set. This is usually a maximum of twenty-eight days after exchanging contracts.

After the Sale

We recommend you leave any manuals for the operation of appliances and instructions for the Central Heating etc in the kitchen for the new home owners.

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